Sandeep Dharmadhikari:
I really liked the passion of all the GoCrackIt folks I interacted with. I realized you guys were really willing to help me. I could see remarkable improvement in my performance.The mock indeed help me approach the final interview with confidence which I lacked during my interviews last year”

Hrishikesh Mainkar:
I’m going to IIM Bangalore, and I don’t think I ever would have gotten there without Alok’s guidance. He was a partner all the way through to the interviews. His analysis of my interviewing was great, and I was completely unaware of some key mistakes I was making”

Anonymous: Matching with similar profiles is really useful.  Would love to see blogs on this site with details of the pre-course, course and post-course experiences of students with different profiles!”

Raghunatha Babu Yadav: Gave me an objective and comprehensive feedback.Mentioned where I am right and where I need to improve.Pointed out the gaps and how to address them”

Vinod Gupta: The mock was good rehearsal before actual interview and I came to know about the areas where I needed more preparation. I highly recommend mock interview before actual interview.

Anonymous: All areas including basic to stress interview topics were covered in mock interview”

Anuj Trehan: Immense value. It was a perfect simulation of real time interview. The kind of questions asked by panel were really good. Good prep on what to expect in stress interviews”

Mohit Parikh:
While preparing for the WAT-PI round for IIML and IIMK, I encountered many loopholes in my methodology. I knew what I wanted to convey – it was in my head -, but it wasn’t translating into a coherent answer. Also I had messed up my IIM interviews two years ago and was seeing the history repeat itself.

That’s when I came across GoCrackIt. They have a thorough, step-by-step preparation guide, worksheets that make you introspect and increase your self-awareness, and counselling videos that refrain from cliches and focus on the basics. But clearly, what set them apart in my eyes was the large and unique pool of mentors, working in wide and diverse set of fields.

My mock interviews with Suhruta, the co-founder and incidentally the mentor who matched my profile, provided me a clarity on how to get across my values and plans through to the panel. I had long interviews with her and got back detailed and incisive feedbacks. The kind of precision I saw in my preparation post the mock interviews could only have been brought about with intelligent conversations and pointed feedback that I received from Suhruta.

I think I definitely upped my chances by going through this process. I highly recommend GoCrackIt for anybody looking to ace in the interview processes.

Rahul Singh : Helped me to know where i stand in my current preparation and also what more i need to work upon

Pooja Sathe:
I just thought of sharing an experience i had with one of your mentor’s – Suhruta Kulkarni. The jitters started when I was informed by my General Manager to prepare for a presentation to be presented in front of our senior management for a promotion to an HR Manager role. The senior management comprised of Head of Operations, Head of Finance, Head of Marketing and the GM himself. I had 2 weeks for this exercise. That’s when I decided to take help from the experts. My mentor is Suhruta Kulkarni. I reside in Dubai, so the conversations we had were on phone and Skype and multiple emails shared back and forth. The moment I gave her a brief, the first thing she said was ok that’s easy, can definitely be done. She took me step by step explaining the structure of the PPT. Suhruta had an extremely practical and a systematic approach. This calmed me down and made me confident that I was in good hands. After many edited drafts we had a 2 hours’ session on Skype wherein I presented to her as if she was the senior management. At the end of the session, she asked me a few questions. It was like a mock exam. Believe me, presenting to someone other than yourself is a big tip to being successful in giving presentations. She gave me a feedback and I incorporated these changes into the presentation She took me through the entire process step by step. And I can say that my PPT went pretty well considering that I got the position I was rooting for. I am extremely grateful to GoCrackIt and Suhruta for being so encouraging and professional. I am a much more confident person now, not only in corporate but in general as well.

Vikrant Sharma: All areas including basic to stress interview topics were covered in mock interview. Big thanks to Harshit and Suhuruta for conducting the mocks on a very short time and in detail

Magizhan Selvan:
1) Helped me identify the focus area. This is a major thing for me.
2) Got pointers on the next action items for the actual interview prep
3) Connect with alums who could potentially be my mentors

Anubhav Dwivedi:
– It gave pointer on what I need to work on for my interview prep.
– Ideas on specific questions that can be asked on my resume/profile.
– Got feel of how boring it can become by giving three back to back interviews. Learning for day 0. Need to keep energy high even if you are saying d same story again n again.
– Got feel of telephonic interview and how important framing your answer becomes if they are on phone.

Uddipt Mitter:
Got feedback from 3 different perspectives : General Management , Startup , and Consulting. Got specific recommendations for improving on certain weak areas like preparing for answering questions on reason for switching jobs.

Deepesh Tewari:
Lots of things –
1. Confidence
2. Some unexpected questions that might pop up
3. Experience of back to back interviews
4. Some domain related insights

Aravind Ganesan:

The folks are very knowledgeable and helpful. The mock interview provided a lot of confidence, gave great insights about what the role required and provided areas of improvement.

Vidhyapriya Chandrasekaran:

Got an idea about where I stand in terms of preparation and how to prepare for interview

Himanshu khandelwal:

Lot value it has added as shown us which area need to work upon.

Santosh Mishra:

One, this is a reality check on where do you stand in terms of your prep for the interviews. Two, the interviewers, who themselves would have undergone the process provide valuable inputs on how some of the questions could be dealt in a better way. For example, how questions on the Acad projects should be handled was something I never thought of.

Richa Sharma:

It gave me tips on where I need to improve

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