Quiz 8 Digital Marketing Questions and Answers

Question No 1

1. Which of the following components are not part of Digital Marketing?

  • SEO & SEM
  • Paid advertisements on online platforms
  • Hoardings
  • Youtube videos

Answer : Hoardings

Hoardings are part of physical or conventional marketing, while all others are components of Digital Marketing.

Question No 2

2. What is the biggest component of marketing budget for BigBasket, an Indian online retailer?

  • Online ads
  • Conventional marketing
  • Newspaper pamphlets
  • Ads in housing societies and tech parks

Answer: Conventional marketing

Conventional marketing and specifically TV ads. In order to reach out to target segment, especially women, who are decision makers, Big Basket does major advertising on TV, newspapers etc.

Question No 3

3. Which of the following are Digital Marketing platforms and tools?

  • HubSpot
  • HootSuite
  • WooRank
  • All of the above

Answer: Mode

Digital Marketing platforms and tools enable doing digital marketing in an effective manner. Read more about different platforms here

Question No 4

4. How much would the conversion rate increase if website's landing page has a video?

  • Around 10%
  • Around 40%
  • Around 80%
  • None of the above

Answer : Around 80%

As per WordStream, the conversion rate will increase by 86%.

Question No 5

5. Which of the below are types of ads on LinkedIn?

  • Sponsored Content
  • Message Ads
  • Text Ads
  • Dynamic Ads
  • All of the above

    Answer: All of the above

LinkedIn has several types of ads. Read more here

Question No 6

6. What is ThruPlay?

  • ThruPlay enables video ads to be viewed for atleast 15 secs on Facebook
  • ThruPlay enables video ads to be viewed for atleast 10 secs
  • ThruPlay enables advertisers to pay only when a video is ad is watched till completion or till 15 secs
  • ThruPlay enables advertisers to understand analytics and effectiveness of their video ads

Answer: ThruPlay enables advertisers to pay only when video is watched till completion or 15 secs.

ThruPlay enables advertisers to pay only when video is watched till completion or 15 secs.

Question No 7

7. Image optimization is not important to attract search engines. True or false

  • True
  • False

Answer: False

Search engines use file names and URLs to understand images. Loading times also depend on the size of images. Hence, images need to be optimized.

Question No 8

8. Which of the following are predictive advertising tools?

  • Google's Lookalike Audience
  • Facebook's Similar Personas
  • LInkedIn's People Like Me
  • None of the above

Answer: Google's Lookalike Audience

Facebook's predictive advertising tool is called . Currently amongst the ad space providers, only Google and Facebook are providing these tools.

Question No 9

9. How would you increase website's stickiness?

  • Have engaging content such as quizzes to play, videos to watch, audio to listen and blogs to read
  • Provide relevant information
  • Provide links to curated content
  • Clearly mention the pricing information

Answer: Have engaging content such as quizzes to play, videos to watch, audio to listen and blogs to read

It is very important to engage the users who come to the website. And this engagement can brought in by having interactive, engaging elements for the user

Question No 10

10.What do you think could be keywords for a professional mentoring platform? Mention atleast four keywords/phrases

    Keywords should be related to the services offered, which in this case is professional mentoring. We need to look at what problems do people face and hence what would they search. Some of the keywords could be : Mentors for careers, Career advice, How to change career, Mentors for Product Management

Google Analytics enables you by providing smart lists and smart goals.

Question No 11

11.How is Digital Marketing different from conventional marketing?

  • Measurement is possible in Digital Marketing
  • Digital marketing enables targeting
  • Digital marketing in inexpensive
  • All of above

Answer : All of above

Digital marketing has all the above advantages over conventional marketing.

Question No 12

12.Which of the below leads the marketshare for Digital Marketing?

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • LinkedIn
  • WhatsApp

Answer : Google

Google leads the marketshare in digital marketing. Next is Facebook and catching up is Amazon!

Question No 13

13.What are two types of SEO?

  • While there are mainly two types of SEO, black and white, there is third type gray as well

Question No 14

14.What is off-page optimization?

    Off page optimization is about getting backlinks and social acceptance for your website

Question No 15

15.Which of the below are Pay-Per-Click tools?

  • SEM Rush
  • Unbounce
  • Adwords Wrapper
  • All of the above

Answer : All of above

All of the above are Pay-Per-Click tools alongwith many more

Question No 16

16.What are long tail keywords? Explain these.

    Typically people search with a larger set of words, which are typically 4+. For example, "Best College for MBA".

Question No 17

17.If you are given a task to reach out to educational institutes' officials, which of the below tools would you use?

  • Emailers + WhatsApp
  • Facebook + WhatsApp
  • Websites contacts + LinkedIn + Emailers
  • WhatsApp + Website connect

Answer : Websites contacts + LinkedIn + Emailers

Since you need to reach out to educational institute's officials, you need to formal. LinkedIn and Emailers is good way to connect with people at a professional level.

Question No 18

18.How would you calculate the ROI on social media marketing?

    (Gain from social media marketing - Cost of social media marketing)/Cost of social media marketing)

While costs from Social Media Marketing are easy to measure, gains in terms of revenues/sales can also be measured. For example, sales could be measured through coupon code or by analysis the incoming traffic analysis.

Question No 19

19.If you are searching for job, which of the following digital platform would be most suitable for you?

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Answer : LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the professional network to search for jobs.

Question No 20

20.You are the head of an event in your college and you want to reach out to students from different colleges. What would you be your Digital Marketing Strategy?

    Typically, Digital Marketing Strategy should comprise of:

    Communicate the value which students will get from the event.

    Prepare contemporary communication material

    Use channels which students use - Instagram, SnapChat, WhatsApp, Facebook etc

    Engage students

You need to understand your consumers and what value you want to provide to them.