Quiz 4 Questions and Answers

Question No 1

1. What was Zomato's Revenue and Loss in FY 2019?

  • US$ 206 Mn and US$500 Mn
  • US$ 206 Mn and US$ 294 Mn
  • INR 206 Mn and INR 500 Mn
  • None of the above

Answer : US$ 206 Mn and US$ 294 Mn

Zomato had revenues of USD 206 Mn and costs of US$ 500 Mn, thus incurring a loss of US$ 294 Mn.

Question No 2

2. Which of the below has the highest average transaction value for Zomato's delivery business?

  • Bangalore
  • Ooty
  • Hyderabad
  • Ahmedabad

Answer: Ooty

Surprise, surprise! Its none of the metros, neither Ahmedabad. It is Ooty.

Question No 3

3. What are the minimum characters required for dine-in reviews on Zomato?

  • 160
  • 140
  • 236
  • No minimum limit, there is only an upper limit

Answer: 140

In order to ensure that there is no clutter and to ensure that genuine users provide feedback, Zomato has kept the minimum limit of characters for dine in reviews at 140 characters, which is familiar to Twitter population.

Question No 4

4. For what has Toyota associated with Zomato and why?

  • " Toyota has associated with Zomato for Zomaland, a grand food and entertainment carnival organized across Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune. Toyota believes that Toyota Zomaland will be a great platform for curating fun & unique experiences especially for the target audience of ‘Young first time Toyota Buyers’ "

Only those answers which answer what (Zomaland) and why (Young first time Toyota Buyers), will get full scores. Those with either of two will get only half the points.

Question No 5

5. In which of the below languages is Zomato not available?

  • Czech
  • Italian
  • Hindi
  • Slovak

Answer: Hindi

Hindi. Zomato is available in English, Turkish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Spanish, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Italian, Vietnamese but not in Hindi! Check the wikipedia page

Question No 6

6. Which is the latest feature of Zomato Gold?

  • 1+1 on Food
  • 2+2 on Drinks
  • Flat Discount on Zomato Pay
  • Delivery

Answer: Flat Discount on Zomato Pay

Flat Discount on Zomato Pay. Check your app to see this newly launched feature.

Question No 7

7. After the 'Logout' controversy, Zomato made several changes to Zomato Gold. Which change was the most valuable to restaurants?

  • Blocking of abusive/low rated customers
  • Revised commissions for Gold Program
  • Discontinuation of Gold trial packs USA
  • Maximum of 2 unlocks per table

Answer: Maximum of 2 unlocks per table

Maximum of 2 unlocks per table was the most valuable to restaurants, followed by "One Unlock Per Day"

Question No 8

8. How much lower is the cost of delivery in non-metro cities for Zomato than in metro cities?

  • 35%
  • 50%
  • 45%
  • It is actually higher by 30%

Answer: 50%

50%! Yes, the cost is lower by whopping 50%, which takes care of the lower average order value of 20%. Read more to know about interesting stuff in Tier III-IV cities.

Question No 9

9. What is the crash free rate maintained by Zomato for it 1.5 Mn daily users?

  • 100.00%
  • Above 99.95%
  • Above 99.98%
  • Above 99.99%

Answer: Above 99.98%

More than 99.98%. Well that's what they said here

Question No 10

10. For what does Zomato use MQTT technology?

  • To track order status
  • To track riders location
  • Both of above
  • None of above

Answer: Both of above

Both of above. For tracking orders' status and drivers' location