Quiz 3 Questions and Answers

Question No 1

1. Which feature on Instagram was replaced by the Explore feature?

  • Feed
  • Popular
  • Layout
  • Boomerang

Answer : Popular

Instagram's Popular featured photos and videos which were popular on Instagram. However, these were not personalized and everyone saw the same things, which then was not so "Popular" with users :). Explore page personalizes the content.

Question No 2

2. Which areas of Instagram do ads appear?

  • Stories
  • Explore
  • Feed
  • All of the above

Answer : All of the above

Ads appear on all the mentioned features of Instagram.

Question No 3

3. Which of following AI algorithms are used for Instagram's Explore?

  • Natural Language Processing & Neural Network Model
  • Neural Network Model & Distillation Model
  • Random Forest & Distillation model
  • K Nearest Neighbour and Neural Network Model

Answer : Neural Network Model & Distillation Model

It takes huge computing power to show posts which are relevant for you from billions of posts which are shared by people across the world. Instagram has solved this using Distillation and Neural Network Model.

Question No 4

4. In Instagram, caption can be added to

  • Video
  • Stories
  • Photo

Answer : Video and Photo

Captions can be added to Video and Photos, but not to stories.

Question No 5

5. What is the maximum length of video for Instagram post?

  • 15s
  • 30s
  • 60s
  • There is no limit

Answer : 60s

Video as a post can be for 60 s. Video as a story can be for 15 s. Video on IGTV could be from 60 s to 15 mins (mobile upload) or 60 mins (web upload).

Question No 6

6. Which feature similar to TikTok is Instagram trying out?

  • Chenias
  • Compose
  • Reels
  • Musical

Answer : Reels

The ease of making and sharing videos on TikTok and its subsequent popularity in Instagram's major markets has forced Instagram to build a feature similar to TikTok. It is launched in Brazil, which is not just a large market, but also musically inclined.

Question No 7

7. Where is the Hide Likes experiment currently being conducted?

  • Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan
  • Brazil, Australia, New Zealand
  • Small percentage of users across USA
  • Small percentage of users across countries

Answer : Small percentage of users across countries

Instagram began the Hiding Likes test from Canada and then continued that in Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and then USA. Currently it is running it across the world for small percentage of users in each country.

Question No 8

8. In which of the following countries is Instagram Shopping available for all eligible businesses?

  • Suriname
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Hong Kong

Answer :Suriname,Brazil & Canada

Instagram shopping is available in Suriname, Brazil and Canada for all eligible businesses, however in Hong Kong, it is available only through Managed Partners.

Question No 9

9. Which of the following is the most liked post on Instagram?

  • Egg1
  • Egg2
  • Egg3
  • Egg4

Answer : Egg3

The Instagram account world_record_egg was created, apparently just to create the world record of most liked post on Instagram. Till the record was formed, the account just had that one post of an egg on white background. Then another post with cracked egg came (Egg3) and then several others.

Question No 10

10. Which is the most followed handle on Instagram?

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Kylie Jenner
  • Kim Kardashian
  • None of the above

Answer : None of the above

No, its not Cristiano Ronaldo, it is Instagram itself :) Instagram has 324m followers, while Cristiano Ronaldo has 195m followers, while Kylie Jenner has 155m followers.