Machine Learning for CXOs!

An inspiring story of Risto Siilasmaa, Chairman Nokia, who started learning AI/ ML so that he could tell his employees to do so

“…I only understood bits and pieces of what they told me, and I became frustrated when some of my discussion partners seemed more intent on showing off their own advanced understanding of the topic than truly wanting me to get a handle on how does it really work.”

While he complained, he also realized that he was expecting experts to explain ML, which was still emerging in terms of knowledge and application and that there were very few experts who could speak the language of executioners! Risto decided to go on to the path of digging deep himself. This has proved to be the approach that clicked well as we will find out later in this article.

“I could have just supported the Nokia CEO and management team in talking about the need to kick-start a fast catch-up in machine learning. But talk is cheap. Taking actions that people can see and are motivated to copy is better than any high-toned speech. The fact that the Chairman of a global company went back to school and to learn a critical piece of technology was novel enough to get people’s attention and encourage them to act on their own.”

Risto has become a mentor for thousands of those people by guiding them through complex machine learning paths through his easily understandable ML intuition through his presentations. We at GoCrackIt salute the spirit and passion of his mentorship! 

Authored by Alok Shrivastava, Co-founder, GoCrackIt

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