Career Opportunities in E-commerce Industry

The Indian E-commerce industry has witnessed exponential growth in a short span of time. There are multiple factors that are responsible for this growth, which includes advanced mobile technology, affordable internet data, and government policies like digital India campaign has played a crucial role. In order to achieve long term growth, e-commerce industry leaders are looking at consolidating their business to sustain the competition. With players such as Wal-Mart and Amazon investing in the Indian market, the consumers’ in India are in for a shopping treat.

With such rapid growth, it’s no surprise that the industry offers many career options. Some of the popular choices are Product Management & Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Category Management, Customer Acquisition, Pricing and Profit management, Customer service and many other positions.

Pallavi Palkar, National Head, Tier 2 cities at says “Good problem solving, detail to orientation and data focus along with interest in your organization is key to having a successful career in e-commerce industry”.

Considering that the industry dynamics are changing at a rapid pace, here are some interesting set of skill sets you will gain working in this industry.

You will wear various hats
While climbing the career ladder in the e-commerce industry, apart from making management decisions, one will be constantly exposed to product marketing, supply chain management, customer acquisition and new methods of retaining customers. You will have multiple levels of experience in a short span of time.

Real-time experience and real-time results
Since this is a fast growing space and customers change loyalties at the drop of the price! To stay competitive one has to constantly innovate and engage customers. This means coming with new value propositions and helping these reach out to customers. Changes across all functions such as product categories, UI/UX, delivery, marketing & payment mechanisms show immediate results since customers react to these changes immediately. Thus, the results are real time and you will face success and failures in a very duration of time.

The playfield for creative minds
Customers will visit your site/app only if there is strong content, good pictures of your product and an excellent description of your products. This means excellent content writers, good photographers, and web designers are key to ensure customers visiting sites/apps and actually making purchases. Since there is no touch and feel of the products, the above makes a key factor in convincing the customer to buy the product. This allows the creative minds a playfield to come up with the most convincing way to present the products.

Tridev Kundu, Senior Manager, Supply Chain Design, Flipkart “There are many career options available; however, strong domain knowledge for niche roles likes Finance/ Product / Design is a must. Along with that problem-solving ability with a structured approach to break down problems are some of the skills that one is expected to have in this industry.”

Some of the other perks of joining this industry include, traveling, good pay packages and employee stock options. The work hours are crazy, especially during sale days. Due to the rigorous and dynamic nature of work, employees have great exit options.

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Pallavi Palkar – National Head, T2 Cities, Bigbasket

Tridev Kundu – Senior Manager, Supply Chain, Flipkart

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