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3 rules to improve your SEO copywriting skills

When it comes to SEO writing, it is not just about plugging your most important keywords into a few lines and hitting the publish button. You need to create an interesting copy to keep the customers engaged and generate potential leads. Content is the King, and so, it’s important to treat it with respect. For the best results in terms of improved rankings, the technicality of SEO needs to be combined with creativeness of the content.

Don’t waste time for a big inspiration

It is good to aim for perfection, but be aware that every piece of content you produce is not going to be a blockbuster. So waiting for an inspiration to strike to create the best possible content may sometimes be a waste of time. Unless you are writing about something you are really passionate about, inspiration may not strike you. So don’t wait for inspiration, hone your writing skills and make inspiration come to you and then words will flow even if you aren’t exactly intrigued by what you’re typing.


After writing any and every piece of content, it is very important to do a spelling and grammar check. A single grammatical mistake will stand out on your website and will make the company look unprofessional. This seems a basic and most obvious thing to do, but sadly, when there are multiple writers writing and reviewing the content, a miss by even one of them may come back to bite the company. The reader may initially get engaged with the content, but if it is littered with grammatical and spelling mistakes, it is going to distract the reader and create a very bad impression for your company. So although basic, grammar and spelling check is an essential step for all content production.

The title tag is very important

Put a lot of thought to create a good title which should convey an idea or meaning to interest the potential reader. Try to create a meaningful title within 60 characters, neither too long nor too short.

Almost as a thumb-rule, the keywords you choose should be the part of your title tag. It would be even better if you can find a way to place the keyword at the front of the line.

Will these tips immediately transform you to a content production master?


But if you consistently keep adhering to these basic rules, you should start seeing improvement in your writing skills and slowly but surely the pieces you produce will start resonating with your audience and bring in new customers into the fold.

Authored by Siddhartha Banerjee , Co-founder,GoCrackIt

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